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Stumbles XI, 11, !!, 1!

Timing is a little off this month, oh well, I’m sorry.  Here’s Stumbles 11, some truly hilarious gif’s are included here, and more Nazis, as always.  Remember to take your daily dose of memes, because otherwise you could die, studies have been done on this.

Just be happy that you’re not this forklift driver, cause he is probably getting yelled at by all sorts of people. {source}

This creepy tree is watching you, watch out. {source}

When will we learn.  Stop making things that look like robots that are holding guns.  Especially guns that are security cameras that will be used to round up and kill us all one day.  {source}

That’s extreme hopsotch that is.  {source}

That was a great prank, sadly, I think the person who pulled it is not longer alive, because, well what do you think she would have done? {source}

I don’t know who came up with this, but I found it on a fourm post that was the Funniest 4chan pictures.  So it’s safe to say it came from 4chan somewhere.  This game must be made.  I know Hasbro would never come out with it offically, at least not with some of the things on there, like Goatse , and Pedo Bear.  But someone must make this, it’s the ultimate Meme game.  {source}

The required nazi image is here, and man is it an interesting one.  A custom PC case, I like it.  Complete with a portrait of the Fuhrer himself on the front.  {source}

The only question I have is: Why is it in the refridgerator? {source}

I bet the local news repots consult this chart on slow news days. {source}

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