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New Theme is Final

Ok, I’ve finalized the new theme.  I like this one.  I spent most of today going over the comments section, making it more awesome.  I made comments threaded, so you can reply to individual people directly, and when the comments get more then 30, it makes a new page of them.  I also stylized them, so that if you’re an author, (me) they have a green border, if you’re a registered user, there’s a blue border, that may or may not stay.  Also, email works on the blog now, I got it working on our server a long time ago, just never imported the settings to here.  So now it does, so if you register, you should get an email saying Hi! or something.

I fixed WP-Stats somehow, the same way it broke, (i did nothing).  So that’s good, just in time for my nice long awesome post I’m about to publish.  Come back after dinner, (like an hour) and it will be up.

3 replies on “New Theme is Final”

haha, yea, i never could figure out what was wrong with that!

I’m still gonna be making minor tweaks here and there over the next few days too though.

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