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I saw this commercial last night around 2am while watching Dirty Jobs.  At first I thought, damn, I wish i had recorded this so I could skip out the commercials, but then I watched it (cause I had to) (I could have switched channels, but since I was watching TV though my Xbox, and the controller turned off, by the time I got it back on, and found something, it would be time to switch back), and it made me laugh.  Particularly the part

There’s more to selling, then just the yelling!

That guy with the British accent just broke the 4th wall, and made fun of Billy Mays at the same time!  I laughed at that, and for that reason, I set Windows Media Center up to record the show (so I can edit out the commercials).  It will probably suck, but hey, I’ll watch it once or twice at least.  Discovery Channel has no information on the show yet, which is no fun, but probably just confirms the fact that it will suck.

If they bring Shamwow Vince onto the show though, then I may have to watch it.  And just so everyone knows, he was arrested, but no charges were filed against him.  So Vince is still awesome.

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oooo send me the recording, im not at home so i cant record it :l

also, Vince Offer is my hero. (don’t worry, you still are too)

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