LEGO Ball of (death)


This is the best Mythbusters video ever.  They took about 1 million LEGO bricks and made a giant, 7foot wide “ball” out of them.  It didn’t really work, but it has one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen happen, I won’t spoil it for you, but skip to 3:09 in the video if … Continued

Make Yourself Sick


The get out of work free card has a whole new world open to it. puts a new spin on faking a call to your boss/teacher, claiming you’re sick.  I didn’t try it cause it requires you to call a number where I assume they record it, then I guess you pick some sickness, … Continued

Warnings and Notices


Most of the time those little blurbs of warning text on products are there for legal reasons, and server no other purpose then to state the obvious.  However, these warnings are much more vauge, and interesting, and therefore, awesome: ADVISORY: There is an Extremely Small but Nonzero Chance That, Through a Process Know as “Tunneling,” … Continued

What’s your wireless network named?


Remember Echo Base?  Yea, we thought that was an awesome name, which it is, but Gizmodo wanted to know what you called your WiFi network, and there are some good ones.  Some of my favorites include: i eat babies puppy killer SquirtleSquad ( o )( o ) – (what does that look like?) Free Ice … Continued

Batman and the Terminator


I like Batman, I like The Terminator, I like when they are together in a great trailer mashup.  I do not like the overly loud soundtrack, but nothing is perfect.  Feast your eyes on this masterfully created combination of the Batman movies, and the Terminator movies, it’s only flaw is the too loud to hear … Continued

The Michael Bay Movie


ShoWest 2009 Michael Bay Tribute from Bay Films/Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo. I am a fan of Michael Bay, my second most favorite movie of all time was directed by him.  Along with a handfull of other awesome movies. has combined clips of all his movies into one awesome trailer for the man … Continued

Going Green, or Not! part IV – The CO2 Myth


Welcome to Part 4 of the Going Green, or Not! series.  Today I will tackle Carbon Dioxide, that lovely deadly gas we exhale every day.  As always part I, part II, and part III are just clicks away, so please catch up to them if you haven’t read them yet, and if you have, then … Continued

Funny Exams


Ah the time when taking exams was a part of life, sadly, I no longer have to take any exams, but if I did you could rest assured that I would fill out a few of them like the examples at this aptly named website.  For those who don’t know, I did fill out a … Continued

Adolf Hitler is 120 years old!


Today marks the birthday of the world’s oldest non-living dictator, Adolf Hitler!  120 years ago today he was born in Austria, he went on to try and become an artist, but didn’t do so hot, so instead he went for world domination.  A pretty nice secondary goal if you ask me. The failed Führer started … Continued

Going Green! or Not, Part III – The Impact of Nuclear Energy


This is Part III of the on going segment called Going Green! or Not.  Today I’m going to try and wrap up nuclear energy, hopefully I’ll end with a bang.  As always, if you missed any of the other installments, they are but a click away Part I, Part II. So let’s get back on … Continued