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The New Kid in the Bathroom

Dyson, the guy behind those really interesting vacuum cleaners has come up with a new kind of hand cleaner.  It’s actually an interesting design, if eternally flawed to never be used: The Dyson Airblade.

I like the idea behind it, it uses air taken in from the very room, sanitizes it, runs it over the electronics inside it, and then forces it out a like 400mph that “literally scrapes water from your hands.”  It’s ingenious, and like some other Dyson products it’s new and unique.

Here’s the problems I have with it:

  1. Why does it need electronics?  Is it to monitor the air filter, to run the motors? to give the air something to pass over so it sounds like it’s actually doing something?  The only thing I can get from the site is for the Dyson Digital Motor.  Sure it looks pretty, and they claim it’s faster and more efficient then a normal motor, ok.  I can’t figure out just why exactly it needs a computer chip inside it, it’s a fucking hand dryer.
  2. The whole notion of using this is to reduce one’s carbon footprint.  Now if that’s not the biggest load of crap bandwagon out there, I don’t know what is.  Now, I will never get into this argument in the future because it’s bogus and I don’t believe it, but for the sake of argument here’s a few things wrong with that:
    • First, this will probably reduce your carbon footprint, if you use paper towels and replace it with warm air
    • If you are replacing you’re warm air blowers, then this will do nothing for you, because you’re just filling up space in a landfill somewhere
    • Most places have both a hot air and dryer, and paper towels. Guess which ones are used more
  3. Which brings me to my last point.  People use towels much more then hot air.  It’s quicker, more efficient, and feels better.  If given the chance, I’d use paper over hot air, it’s more natural.

How will you dry your face with this?  You can’t.  Your arms, nope (at least hot air dryers let you do that).  Your shirt that the faulty faucets on the sink got all wet?  No, you’ll just have to go back to your date with a giant wet spot on your stomach, sorry.

This product is destined to be an amazing idea, but never adopted.  I’m sorry, no wait, I’m not.

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Last week I actually used this thing in a restaurant. It needs electronics because it had a sensor in it, though that doesn’t require a lot of electronics..

But it works great, towels are used more often because it is quicker, but this is very quick as well, you just need to figure out how it works…

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