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What is ViewItOn.TV?

I got an email, well, actually a message on my YouTube account that says this:

Dear deadlycomputervideo,
We are happy to inform you that your uploaded clip “Xbox 360 in the microwave” was selected by our editors to be part of our TV show “Top 10 Tube”

The show presents the most viewed and interesting “User Generating” clips.

With your permission, will distribute the show with your clip to its worldwide TV channels, in exchange for handsome royalties forwarded to you .

I contacted them about the terms and conditions, and got a response, but I’m still concerned about it.  Has anyone heard about this site/service?  I wouldn’t mind getting some more coverage of my science experiments, but I don’t want to get caught up in a scam.

Let me know what you guys think.  Here’s the website too: ViewItOn.TV

Also, for those who may not have seen the clip before, here it is:

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doesnt seem to be on the youtube “partners” directory.. if it’s under the “v’s” and not some random corporate name. im not sure what youtube would say about that.hmmm…

Hi there,
My name is Jade Bennett, Video Clip Manager at
I saw your concern and decided to drop you a quick answer. is the first company who represents and distributes user generated content to worldwide broadcasting platforms, in return for royalties.
I’ll be more than happy to forward you a list of users who already get royalties and TV channels who broadcast the clips.

Btw- we use users original source clip only

Jade Bennett

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