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Stumbles 10

The 10th monthly set of stumbles is upon us.  And it is a good one.  Roots of humor, with graphs, and a comic, and stupid people.  Ah the joy of the internet.  Full list after the click.

I hate chemistry, but I laughed out loud when I saw that image {source}

I first was this photo on Facebook, and since then have seen it around, ah how pollution makes the world a more beautiful place. Did you know that the sunsets are much more dramatic in dirty skies then in clean ones? {source}

Somehow, I don’t think that this would go over well with your children {source}

This is a very true statement.  I just wonder if I would be the one terrorfied, or if my classmates would be.  I know of more then a few who weren’t the brightest, or sanest, me included. {source}

This just screams “we’re drunk/high arrest us” {source}

Haha, that is such a horribly awesome image {source}

I don’t know where this particular macro came from, (chris sent it to me), but I found the Shamwow Uncylopedia page, and was pleasantly amused for quite some time.

What does it say about me that I now have the urge to try this for myself? {source}

I really thought that these types of graphs were done with, oh well. Its not like I’m complaining about them {source}

That is an awesome way to show how WWII will be portrayed in a few hundred years.  Sure it’s disrespectful for our ancestors, but how do you think the Medieval people think of our Renaissance Fair.  Exactly. {source}

I leave you with a High-Five! till next month loyal readers {source}

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