Being Tasered Hurts


Well, we already knew that, but here’s a nice video that shows it.  Also, don’t ride lawnmowers in the street and have a bottle of whiskey with you, that’s against the law.

I am The Sofa King!


This photo for the Sofa King is old, I remember laughing to it when i first started college, which for those of you who don’t know, was 5 years ago.  The website, I Am Sofa King We Todd, though, that looks new, at least I never saw it before today anyway. There are a … Continued

Personal Flying Machine


This is a pretty interesting airplane.  At under $150,000 it’s cheaper then some cars, and so much more useful, and legally faster.  I want one, I could use it for scouting missions for my bunker location.  The fact that it can land on water makes it doublely useful because I can find a secluded mountain … Continued