My favorite meme is LOLcats, and while these two videos don’t really fulfill the LOLcat specifications, they are kittens, and they are awesome, so here you go:

That kitten was cool, but this little girl is amazing!

That little girl was awesome, amazing, cute times 1000, and a wonderful voice for the kittens.

2 responses to “Kittens!

  1. While I am not a fan of the second video (the girl creeps me out and makes me feel awkward SHUT UP) remind me when I move out of my current apt and get a kitten to also get a remote controlled mouse.

  2. wtf! that girl is so cute and awesome i want to steal her and make dozens of internet videos where she narrates books of kittens. ok not really, but she has a career making said videos.

    and, kittens love my table.

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