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The internet university

Some Israeli wants to make a global university that’s tuition free and called the University of the People.  I say that that’s a really great idea, except Wikipedia beat him to it.  Well, it did in my mind anyway.  While a true university setting for online courses would be interesting, it wouldn’t be feasable for all types of education.  Computer Science, Business, both of those could be taught over the internet pretty simply (those are the two degrees that the university will offer to begin with in the fall), but Engineering, anything Medical, those require hands on learning with a teacher who’s hopefully had years of practice, and at least a few failures under his/her belt.  Those two will never fully move to online, it’s just not possible.

It’s a nice concept but I still think that Wikipedia is better.  On a side note, this school better allow the use of Wikipedia as a source in any papers they assign.  I fucking hate professors that ban Wikipedia, fucking old people who refuse to evolve and are stuborn old hags…

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For the record steve, I understand the reasoning behind not allowing Wikipedia as a source. What I would do in these situations (on the rare occasions I had to do research) was use the wikipedia sources as my sources for whatever I needed. Yes it’s another step but it looks like you did way more work than just looking something up on wikipedia and it avoids the social “stigma” of using a source that anyone can edit, which is professor’s main problem with wikipedia.

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