This is what I think of when I think of a PC built from LEGOs.  Apparently it took about $80 worth of bricks, and was built by a 6year old kid.  That is what a LEGO set should be, simple, fun, and awesome for all ages.  It’s old hardware, but so what, it still works, and is beautiful.  Also the website is a great name

That’s the case with the roof off, see the insides of that beauty.

The mini figs just add to the awesomeness of this computer.

The CD drive is housed in a garage!  I love it.  in the ally off to the right are two mini figs playing basketball, the backboard of hoop is a door to the PS/2 ports.

Ah, Windows 98, such fond memories I have of you.

Now, for an updated version of this concept.  Gizmodo has some photos of a new LEGO computer, that’s using somewhat more recent hardware, but with nostalgia written all over the case.  Here is Big Blue:

The front has a touch screen, and each side has a nice cool design from a set from the 80s.  Here you can see a Space Ship, and a building from the town.

Turning the case you get the Castle, (my personal favorite series).

Opening it up you have the innards, a basic computer, no other specs, an HDTV turner is comming though!

After looking at both of these computer cases, I have a bunch of ideas for my own which I will begin making soon.  As soon as I do alittle working on my resume and find a real job that is, to pay for all the LEGOs I need to buy.

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