I am The Sofa King!


This photo for the Sofa King is old, I remember laughing to it when i first started college, which for those of you who don’t know, was 5 years ago.  The website, I Am Sofa King We Todd Did.com, though, that looks new, at least I never saw it before today anyway.

There are a whole bunch of videos getting people to say the phrase, it’s funny especially since most of them never get it.

Here are my favorites:

I M SOFA KING WEE TAR DID – Watch more Free Videos
The spelling is off, but doing it on a crowded plane more then makes up for it.

The guy at the end is good cause he knows what it means, and wont do it.

I’m gonna guess that that girl was alittle drunk when she was thinking about that, cause it had to be explained twice.

She understands it.

Now upload your own, because you can totally get someone on this, and it’s the perfect chance to bring a meeme to the real world

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