Read the Rainbow


Look at that mess of books, can’t find anything, can’t read anything, can’t do anything without making a bigger mess.  Faithful reader Michael Chislett decided he was gonna fix it.  Not like an ordinary library mind you, a rainbow library!  It’s hard (impossible) to see in the above photo, but there’s alot of different colored books, … Continued



My favorite meme is LOLcats, and while these two videos don’t really fulfill the LOLcat specifications, they are kittens, and they are awesome, so here you go: That kitten was cool, but this little girl is amazing! That little girl was awesome, amazing, cute times 1000, and a wonderful voice for the kittens.

The internet university


Some Israeli wants to make a global university that’s tuition free and called the University of the People.  I say that that’s a really great idea, except Wikipedia beat him to it.  Well, it did in my mind anyway.  While a true university setting for online courses would be interesting, it wouldn’t be feasable for … Continued

The Death Oreo


Regardless of the fact that I don’t like Oreos, you have to agree with me, that is disgusting.  There is supposed to be the equivlent of the stuffing from 72 Oreo cookies in between those two waffers.  Gross.  One good thing came from it, the term Duoseptuagenuple.



This is what I think of when I think of a PC built from LEGOs.  Apparently it took about $80 worth of bricks, and was built by a 6year old kid.  That is what a LEGO set should be, simple, fun, and awesome for all ages.  It’s old hardware, but so what, it still works, … Continued

Squirrel Fishing – the best sport


The point of Squirrel Fishing, SqiFi, is to get a fishing rod, tie a nut or piece of fruit to the end of it, and fish for squirrels.  Apparently there are 3 types of grasps that the squirrels can pull on you, and you must master them if you want to get your catch off … Continued

Panda’s are behind it all!


Great Scott!  Who would have know that the world’s cuttest endangered species is secretly behind all the awful and wrong things in the world today?  Fear not though, because the great people over at Pandaganda have uncovered it all. Is Obama a panda in disguise, or was his campagin simply made by pands? Storm Trooper … Continued

Intermitent Downtime


Sorry for the intermittent downtime over the weekend.  I was cleaning my room rearranging things, and stuff.  After being very careful not to mess with the power strip for the server, and succeding all weekend, I accidently flipped the switch when i went to plug in something new.  Oops, there goes out 303 day uptime.  … Continued

Paradox Dominos


See more funny videos and TBT Videos at Today’s Big Thing. If you do read the description on the site it says: This video is a paradox. You’d have to drink a lot of beer to get all those bottles. You’d have to drink a lot of beer to want to build this. You’d have … Continued

Darth Vader vs. ShamWow Vince


It’s a battle of the soundboards.  Which one will reign supreme, on which one can you string together the most insane thoughts totally taken out of contex? The ShamWow guy. Or Darth Vader? I think ShamWow is funnier, simply because the lines are just more humorous.  I think someone should take the Darth Vader sound … Continued