Parking Tickets Suck


This guy has the best description of his situation.  I love the commentary of the toy car part, it gets sorta bad when he goes to the court house, but its still good, still amazing.  He’s so angry about it, it’s hiliraous.  The person on the phone tried to get him to not come down … Continued

Aliens want us to destroy the planet!


Look at that broken wind turbine over in England.  Guess how it happened, you’ll never guess it.  That’s right, a UFO caused it.  Well, at least this post seems to think so, and hey, who’s to say they’re wrong.  Now let’s analyze the situation we know nothing about, which we didn’t witness, and come to … Continued

He’s an Asshole


Well, who is the real asshole here, the guy with the speech bubble, or the person with the speech bubble over them (the person doesn’t know about the bubble)? There’s a bunch more photos like this over at  I love domain names like that right to the point, no BS.

Google’s New Favicon 2!


Look at that beauty, it’s Google offical new Favicon.  Much nicer then the old crappy one that I hated, and I know others did as well.  According to the Google Blog post about it, it was a combination of one of the ones submitted, and some new brain storming by Google staff.  I like it, … Continued

Ice Ribbons


These are pretty darned cool if i do say so myself.  I wish I could see those around my house, but alas, they do not form here, or, at least my prying eyes have not seen them. As you can see they are formed when water is prutruded out of small openenings in pipe like … Continued

Tree Houses that you grow!


This is a pretty cool idea, i like it, and I want to start growing one 20 years ago, so that I can move into it in 20 years!  This is the most interesting concept for a house I have ever seen, and to think about it, I can’t really imagine why no one ever … Continued

Gr8 Stumbles!


I will never say that again, I promise.  Anyway, here is an 8th set of mostly funny stumble pictures.  I say mostly because apparently alot of people don’t like my sense of humor.  So I say to that, go die.  Full list after the click cause there’s alot, and I don’t want the page to … Continued