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Stumbles 9

Stumbles 9 is a go.  No silly name for the post today, just Stumbles 9.  You will be happy to know that there are a variety of awesome images this month.  Some of them are themed, some go back to the stumble roots, but all of them are awesome.  So click the link, and you’ll see some great pictures.

Seems like some good reasons to me.  Boredom would probably be a little higher on my personal list though. {source}

The look on that face is priceless.  I guess this is how they get to work.  I would love to get pulled over like that though, it would be worth the price of the ticket {source}

That’s possibly the worst LEGO set ever {source}

This person seemed to have some fun with all those free sign up now spam mail stuff {source}

It’s the snowmen army, lucky for us, they are a seasonal army, and will be gone before any real damage can be done. {source}

Every teacher should have this stamp {source}

One of the most important gifts to give/get! {source}

Hitler looks so much like lots of people…{source}

Mighty Match started the grandest fire of them all, no mear candle starter, or BBQ lighter, he started a forest fire, you will be missed Mighty, but your fire will live on forever {source}

One of the only reasons to wake up in the morning is to make sure that earth is still alive, and that the robots have not taken over in the night.  This comic gives good advice on how to deal with the most common outcome of waking up. {source}

Some people don’t get punched, they get shot, others just get laughed at. {source}

In all fairness, somethings really are impossible, but you see, I fell into that very trap right there. {source}

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