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Gr8 Stumbles!

I will never say that again, I promise.  Anyway, here is an 8th set of mostly funny stumble pictures.  I say mostly because apparently alot of people don’t like my sense of humor.  So I say to that, go die.  Full list after the click cause there’s alot, and I don’t want the page to take forever to load.  Enjoy them, please…

Wow, that looks like a really, really nicely made rink.  I particularly love the John Deere Zamboni, very classy.  I wonder if they have neighborhood clearing fights? {source}

I can say from experience, it really does work. {source}

That is wrong, just wrong {Imagechan}

I would use that card all the time. {source}

Who’s gonna win? {source}

Is there nothing that cannot be converted to a Tetris game? {source}

You just know something bad is gonna happen. {source}

I got the joke, but didn’t necessarily laugh my ass off. {source}

It would be a sad argument for sure though. {source}

Every home should come standard with one of these.  {source}

That is a horrible thing to do…{source}

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