Stop Motion Video of a dream


Not so sure it’s a dream, but it is a stop motion video, and it is a very nicely done video, and it is a catchy tune.  I like it.  Having done some stop motion before, I know it takes time and skill, and that video must have taken days to make, and consist of … Continued

Stumbles 9


Stumbles 9 is a go.  No silly name for the post today, just Stumbles 9.  You will be happy to know that there are a variety of awesome images this month.  Some of them are themed, some go back to the stumble roots, but all of them are awesome.  So click the link, and you’ll … Continued

Make a Snow Arch


That’s an arch made of snow, look at the grace, and the beauty, and the leaning of it towards one side.  Seems like a work of snow art that took hours to make, only to be destroyed by nature.  Oh well, here are some instructions on how to make it.  And here are some nice … Continued

Free Photoshop at home!


No, there are no links to torrents, or cracks here, that’s for you to do on your own time silly.  No, some creative youngsters made their own life sized version of Photoshop.  When you first look at the stuff they’re doing you have no idea what it is.  But slowly it all comes together: See … Continued

Awesome mugs


These coffee/tea mugs would be awesome as decoration, as a usefull mug, well some of them are not so usefull, like this weird egg shaped one that needs its special rack in order for you to put it down, strange…The alcatraz mug on the other hand though, I would use that one. The global warming … Continued

Take the DiceWalk


No, its not walking with a bag of dice in your pockets you crazy D&D person.  You use one, standard 6 sided die, and use it to figure out which direction you go when you reach an intersection.  The rules seem confusing at first, but when you think about it, it’s really straightforward, and simple, … Continued

Even Disney Hates The Nazi’s


You see, even in the 1940s the Nazi’s were hated by everyone, who wasn’t allied with them.  Unfortunately for us the extreme polotical correctness of the world today has prevented us from enjoying that great propaganda video. Shuch a shame.  Oh well, watch it, and enjoy it, for it is pretty accurate, at least as … Continued

Helpful Hints to do your business


In case you were ever in a shower, and you didn’t know what to do, here are some helpful instructions.  The pro-tip is truly for pro’s only, don’t try it unless you know what you’re doing.  Also, in case you forgot a few key places to wash yourself, here’s some more tips on the other … Continued

Google’s Power Usage


In flowchart form!  That’s right, all that silly speculation a few days ago about how Google uses extreme amounts of electricity were silly compared to what they really do.  I mean there aren’t that many searches that have less then 20,000 results, so they don’t print out too many searches, and hey, at least its … Continued