Useless Machines


Rube Goldberg machines are useless.  Period.  They make a simple task infintely harder and l0nger to do.  That being said, they are awesome to watch.

Except for this one though, it’s possibly the most boring one I’ve ever seen.  Mostly because it wasn’t perfect, and there were alot of things that didn’t work.  But also the camera wasn’t that great, and it was hard to see what was going on.

Still, it’s a pretty decent video, and an amazing event, I wish i could have gone to it, it would have been interesting.

Now, here’s a LEGO ball contraption that’s much nicer, the video is perfect, (professional quality cuts, and editing and music I’d say)

At first you don’t know what the three different things are for, then bam, he puts them all together. Very nice, very useless, very fun to watch for hours on end.
{Gizmodo, MAKE}

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