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Tetris in a non Screen format!

My favorite video game of all time has been remade in a custom made piece of jewelry on sisicata’s Esty store.  I’m not much of a jewelry person, I don’t even wear a watch (because i break them alot), but I would wear this on special occasions for sure.  Special occasions like my wedding probably, my funeral definitely, and my inauguration as world dictator of course.

Just look at that detail there, it’s amazing.  The worst part of it is that it’s not interactive, but the very nature of it being a bracelet means that that is forgivable.  It also means that Tetris has made the jump from the video game screen to the person.

Is there anything that Tetris cannot do?  It helped me pack my car this weekend to go home, it helped me be not bored in class nearly all year, and it helped me live a better life.  Yes, Tetris has improved my life in 3 simple steps, ASK ME HOW!!


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