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Excellent idea to hold stuff

These socket-deer antler holders are the most ingenious idea ever.  You plug your phone charger into the wall, and then put your phone on the antlers and let it sit there and charge.  Much better then letting it dangle on the floor!

The only complaint I have is that the plates should be in the standard US form, with the circle shapped sockets, I like those better, I’m weird.

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4 replies on “Excellent idea to hold stuff”

When I seen those, the first thing I thought was “man, it would suck to fall onto one of those”

That’d be the only reason for me not getting htem. But those are definitely neat!

hmm, yea they probably would hurt a bit, but when you think about it, they’re only an inch or so from the wall, and you’d have to be a total klutz to fall into one (no offense).

also, they are made of rubber, so they can bend and move and not break, so it wont hurt too much

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