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The Best Christmas Lights

As you know, I have strict guidelines regarding Christmas lights.  But you already know that, so now lets take a look at some of my favorite displays of them, after the click, cause there’s far too many

My favorite house:

Yea it’s a couple years old, and yea it’s a horrible quality video, but damn, is it impressive.  That guy had the internet video 3 years ago, I remember it, it was so popular, it was sent to snopes, which confirmed it.

Continuing the lights to music setting, here is another house, with more TSO, this time its Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24.

Much better quality video, but still damn impressive.

Here’s a less intensive musical themed light display:

It’s nice and laid back and features “traditional” Christmas Music.

Here’s another non TSO house:

I really like the “jumping fountains” things.

Here’s another more intense display to Carol of the Bells, not the TSO version:

It’s nice, not as professional at all which is what makes it one of my favorites of the list. The neighbor’s lights in response though is great.

All those awesome houses being shown, I prefer more traditional, non-computerized display of lights better.  Like the one below:

I guarantee that no one on his block knows what that is {source}

Also, i like my lights with old molded plastic from the 1980s that’s all faded and awesome.

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