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The Lucky Best Stumbles 7

Ah, December, the time of Winter, snow, Christmas lights, cold, and Pearl Harbor.  Today is December 1, and to celebrate the greatness of the month of December, the 12th, and final month of the year 2008, I want to welcome to the world, my favorite stumbles from the past month. There are some good ones, and some interesting ones, there are not nearly as many as previous lists, but that’s because I’ve been extra busy doing non-stumble related stuff recently.

Now this introduction has gone on long enough I think.  But I’m not sure.  I don’t think I’ve properly introduced the last single digit prime number.  7 is the last single digit prime, and a wonderful example of uniqueness.  Not until we get to number 17 will we see another 7, luckily it is also a prime, now that doesn’t mean much, except that there is another 7 prime to look for.  17 is a nice number, actually, I’ll tell you a secret, stick a 7 on the end of any number, and I will most likely like it.  Except 77, that’s a stupid number.

If you look closely, the time this post was published was 7:07:07am EST.  that’s how much I like the number 7.  In reality though, i like the number 11 best, for obvious reasons.  117 by extension is high up on my favorite numbers list.

Well now that I’ve told you a bunch of “interesting?” facts about me, lets get to the images I thought were hilarious and you no doubt will find in bad taste and call me childish names in the comments, but don’t worry, I know who you are all…

I can’t wait till winter, maybe he can though {source}

I must go back in time to 1985 to get some plutonium so that I can build my  nuclear bombs. {source}

What do you do at 2am? Apparently I stumble to these horribly humorous images {source}

You must click on that image to read everything, it is worth it.  Although, the steps involved may be a little extreme for some people, for me, I don’t like the running chain saw in my lap, i think it would get in my way as I drive… {source}

This poster has far too much time on their hands to think about, then do all that math.  Then again, they probably just punched it all into Google, and it did the work for them.  Whatever, I don’t want to think of that. {source}

This could very well be the best party game ever! {source}

That is just too good to pass up.  People would take a second glance if they saw that, it’d be better if one of the numbers was labeled blue though. {source}

It is true though, circles do usually make things better…{source}

Apparently, people think that that’s my plan to take over the world.  Sadly, they are mistaken.  My plan is not as simple, it has many, many parts, but is almost guarenteed to work, also, I wouldn’t leak my plan for all the internets to see. {source}

Farewell Number 7, we won’t meet again until October 2009 at the soonest.  I will miss you dearly, but don’t worry, I will write to you, and keep you in my thoughts.  Don’t cry now, good things are gonna happen, rest now, everything will be alright.

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