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Go Vote

This blog is far from political, and (I intend to keep it that way), and truthfully, I don’t listen to the media (and I consider this blog part of “the media”), BS about this being the most important election in the history of the country, or the closest, or the most controversial.  I don’t care, It’s not important to me (yet) who wins or looses, I am not gonna move to Canada if the person I didn’t vote for doesn’t win, I like it here in America.  I’m not gonna stay up all night and watch the election and party/cry based on the results. (Well, I’ll probably stay up all night but, that will probably be doing homework, or Halo, or coding, or maybe Die Hard, I haven’t seen that in like 3 weeks, I’m way over due).

I do think you should go vote if you’re old enough though.  Here’s a nice promotional video to go vote staring all your favorite celebrities: (Watch it for Borat at the least)

And please, don’t ask me who I voted for, I’m not gonna tell you, but it’s probably the opposite of who you think.

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Dangerous Fun things

This seems so dangerous, yet fun, and difficult at the same time. They guy is talented, but daring. There were a few times when it looked like he was gonna fall into the street.

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The Harvest

This is a really nice documantry on how creativity is grown, pressed, and passed off to the world.  The Harvest is a rather good video that shows just how creative creative people can be.  I like it, it’s old fashioned, fun, and original, something that is lacking in the world alot today.

Most people can’t think for themselves, they should take a drink of this creativity juice, and maybe some new ideas will come out, some new inovations, some new movies, some new anything.

I don;t think I should be allowed to have any of it though, cause I think my brain would explode from the creativity.

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Best Way to Get Home

Just watching this video gives me memories of playing RollerCoaster Tycoon all day and night.  It looks like a really great way to get from work to home.  I mean, look at the size and length of that warer slide.  I know the video is only 1 minute long, but it must take at least 5 minutes to make it all the way.

One thing I don’t get though, why does it go through the Subway?  Eh, whatever, it’s still awesome, and I want to go on one now!