This has been bothering me for a while…


Ok. I have an iPhone. I love it. I also hate it. I jailbreaked it so I could hate it a little less. And because most people who own one (which is a lot by the way) seem to love it there are the inevitable clones and copy cats flooding the market. Some are good, … Continued

Happy (new) Independence Day!


Right now, 11:11:11 pm, on the 11th day of the 11th month -3 years from the advent of the new world order is independence day.  Now, the true time is 11:11:11 am, but you can’t have fireworks in the am, (unless they are nuclear fireworks, and oh man that would be good). Embrace it, for … Continued

Feed Update again


Well, i forgot to tell you all, but i thouhgt i implied that the current feed is going to go dead soon, like the end of the week, and you should switch to the new one. In case you missed it.  Here is the url again: so yea, the old one is going to … Continued

Nuclear Powered Everything!


Ah the 1950s.  Such a better time of life for the world.  DDT and Asbestos were used everywhere, a future was envisioned with flying cars, and the flux capacitor was invented.  It was during these simpler times that science realized that Nuclear power was the answer to everything. Before the silliness that was environmentalism, before … Continued

Rolling Ball Things!


There’s just something about Rube Goldberg machines, and rolling ball sculptures that is awesome. Here are a collection of 15 awesome ones. Below are my favorites: That’s on the ceiling, while you probably wont get to get a good look at it, and the look you do get would be with a stiff neck, it’s … Continued

Flat Flexible Wires


Truly the worst part of any home theater is the mess of wires.  Now, for a bunch of things there are wireless versions, speakers, HDMI, mice keyboards, Wi-Fi, etc.  However, they are usually more expensive, and the paranoia in me will always perfer a hard line. Anyway, there used to be two different ways you … Continued

Feed Changes


I made a few changes to the feed, it is now located at: You’all should update your RSS readers cause there should be some better things coming with it in the coming days. here’s a little button for you to click to make it easier: Subscribe in a reader See you on the other … Continued

Some Sense in YouTube?!


YouTube comments are like all comments on the internet, anonymous and full of crap.  There are over 1,200 comments on our Xbox 360 in The Microwave video, and it gets about a dozen new ones every week,I don’t read them all, but I do read much of them, and they are stupid. Until Projekt666 posted … Continued

LED Chandelier


My house is gonna be filled of LED devices and computer parts, and a faraday cage underground.  It is gonna be a super awesome cool house though. My living room will have my Interactive LED Table, now I think my Dining room will have this nice LED Chandelier: I really like the idea of exposing … Continued

The Ice Bullet Conspiracy with a Twist


This takes the whole Ice Bullet idea to new levels.  No longer will people need to make their own molds for their own traceless assassination plots. Just get this fancy ice tray for $15. For an extra twist, put these Uranium marbles into the ice tray before you freeze it.  This way you have a … Continued