This has been bothering me for a while…

Ok. I have an iPhone. I love it. I also hate it. I jailbreaked it so I could hate it a little less. And because most people who own one (which is a lot by the way) seem to love it there are the inevitable clones and copy cats flooding the market. Some are good, some are bad, some are laughably terrible. Because of this shift in what people want / expect from a “smartphone” RIM has decided to get in on the action with the Blackberry Storm.

oooh, pretty. And the subtle imagery. The lightning bolt…Storm? Someone at RIM must think they’re a genius.

ANYWAY, RIM decided they were going to fix the worst thing about having to type on a touchscreen. After all, this is a Blackberry, it’s main purpose in life is to do email for corporate stooges (and Mike) and do it well. So well, in fact, when they have outages, people damn near kill themselves because they can’t get their damned email unless they’re sitting at a computer. The horror. Ok so I’ve heard people complaining that because they can’t feel where certain keys are (i.e F and J for QWERTY fans or the numeral 5 for those with just a number pad) that they can’t type without looking down at the screen. Fair enough. Ignoring the dangerous implications of this, its damn near impossible to text your friends while driving. I suppose that’s an issue with some people.

So RIM comes along and says “hey let’s add some tactility to this otherwise normal capactive touchscreen. That will solve EVERYTHING.” So now, every time you touch the screen, anywhere on the screen, it physically depresses, allowing you, the user, to fully comprehend you have just touched a key. Consider my mind blown. Except wait. The only people who would consider this the solution to their touchscreen problems are people who say “OOOOOOHMYYYYYGOOOOOOOD I’m touching a capacitive touchscreen that is way more sensitive than those dumb ol’ resistive touchscreens and I can’t tell that I’ve initiated some action because there’s no button press telling me I did!”

Ok asshat. If you touch the screen, you engaged some kind of action. Texting, telephone call, change the music, warp drive who cares? I’ve tried touching my iPhone’s screen as lightly as possible and you barely have to brush up again the screen. That’s enough tactile response for me to realize that I’ve TOUCHED THE THING. The whole problem is that you can’t tell WHICH key that you’ve touched without looking at it, not that you can’t tell you touched it in general. In no way does this “innovation” fix this issue.

I’m waiting for people to realize this as hands on time increases with the Storm. The screen clicking thing will seem like a great feature until you try to type freehand and you realize that you have the exact same problem of not knowing where T or J or S is because its one flat surface. The same flat surface you get with any other touchscreen phone. Ooooooo but this one clicks!!!!1!! Go die.

This does not improve email. That’s what Blackberries are for. You have one / are getting because your company is making you so they can bother you when you’re eating dinner or telling your kids a bedtime story or otherwise…indisposed with a loved one. Try typing up an email with an iPhone and then a Storm. It will be exactly the same, except one gives you that extra little clicky sound that makes you salivate.

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Happy (new) Independence Day!

Right now, 11:11:11 pm, on the 11th day of the 11th month -3 years from the advent of the new world order is independence day.  Now, the true time is 11:11:11 am, but you can’t have fireworks in the am, (unless they are nuclear fireworks, and oh man that would be good).

Embrace it, for it only comes once every year, and in our case, it won’t officially come for 3 more years.  But that won’t stop us from having a wild party, maybe with some nuclear powered explosions to boot!

Here’s an extra large picture of a firework to keep you occupied for tonight.

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Feed Update again

Well, i forgot to tell you all, but i thouhgt i implied that the current feed is going to go dead soon, like the end of the week, and you should switch to the new one.

In case you missed it.  Here is the url again:

so yea, the old one is going to not be there anymore, so don’t worry.

If you dont want things appearing twice (you know who you are), i suggest you delete the old feed.

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Nuclear Powered Everything!

Ah the 1950s.  Such a better time of life for the world.  DDT and Asbestos were used everywhere, a future was envisioned with flying cars, and the flux capacitor was invented.  It was during these simpler times that science realized that Nuclear power was the answer to everything. Before the silliness that was environmentalism, before Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

It was during this time that NASA started Project Orion.  What is project Orion you ask?  The coolest and fastest way to travel in space (until FTL drives are made anyway).  The basic idea behind it was to use controlled nuclear explosions to propel a space ship froward in space.  Sounds pretty dangerous doesn’t it?  Well like all things of the 1950s, danger was everything’s middle name, if you didn’t have at least a 73% chance of being killed, or a 81% chance of wasting millions of dollars in spectacular explosions, then you weren’t doing proper research. (It’s my opinion that we need to return to those ideals if we as a species are to continue to exist).

Anyway, the concept behind the idea was sound, but the technology to control a nuclear explosion in then methods required just did not exist yet, that was one of the reasons why it was stopped.  However, there can be some concern from people about having 1080 nuclear bombs strapped the the end of their tiny little home and rocketing across the solar system at 0.1 times the speed of light.  That was the high estimate for speed for manned versions of the Orion, and 1080 nukes was the design for the Super Orion, an 8 million ton ship meant for interplanetary exploration.

It was an ingenious idea because nuclear power is cheaper then chemical to get to space, the only problem is fallout, and there would be tons of it if these rockets were made and launched from earth.  Why not launch then in orbit then? The EMP would knock out satellites.  The only solution was to launch from the poles, or from the moon or beyond.  How do you get this 8 million ton ship up there?  Build it in space.  In the 1950s though, that wasn’t economically feasible (it still isn’t), so in the end, the whole project was shelved, but shelved is better then scrapped.

They did perform some tests to see if you could propel a man made object with a nuclear explosion, and the tests were successful, so now it’s only a matter of restarting up this research.  The space elevator could be completed in as little as 20 years depending on who you listen to, and if we had a few of those, we could totally build one of these in orbit, use conventional explosives to get it to the moon, and then let her loose and go to Saturn, or Mars, or Asteroids.
With an estimated 14,000 nuclear weapons between just the US and Russia, making even small versions of the Orion ship a smart way to get rid of thousands of unused, unneeded nuclear weapons sitting in warehouses collecting dust, and wasting money.  It was estimated that we could make it to Mars in a year with these types of ships, and about 100 years to get to Proxima Centairi.

I really think it’s a cool concept, I mean look at these designs.  I doubt anything actually made would look anything like that in real life, but it still is an interesting idea.  One of the more plausible uses for this technology was to use it to force incoming asteroids and other NEOs out of the way by means of brute force.  Slam one of these rockets weighing in at few million tons and you will definitely knock anything out of the way.

Bringing things back to our planet, there was plans in both the US, and the USSR to have nuclear powered bombers circle the globe.  The idea behind them was that these bombers would never need to be refueled, and in theory, could circle above the earth as long as needed, always an hour or two away from dropping it’s payload on whatever city(ies) instructed to.

The air force actually did some tests with an engine that was nuclear powered.  What is a nuclear powered air craft engine?  Well, it’s a modified engine that gets its exhaust from super heated exhaust from the nuclear reactor.

Original tests by the air force were focused on proving that you could shield humans from the radiation from the nuclear reactors in an airplane, because the materials needed weigh a lot, which is something not so important in subs.  The process worked, but with the development of ICBMs, the need to keep planes circling the skies 24/7/365 was gone.  The program was scrapped, never to be heard from again.

Until now that is.  With the rising prices of jet fuel, people are looking towards other renewable energy sources.  While wind and solar and hydro power is good for electricity on the ground, it wont really work for an aircraft.  (Unless we have some paradox where you use the wind resistance to generate the power for the plane while its moving, but that would be a perpetual motion device that is just way to much for most minds to think of, anyway…)

Nuclear powered aircraft are a thing of dreams, a green way to travel the world, you could have non stop flights from NYC to Sydney, it would still take just as long to get there, because we haven’t come up with a sonic boomless supersonic jet, but hopefully we’ll be able to use our nuclear powered air craft to get that.  Then I would have a few of my goals fulfilled.

Nuclear aircraft use a nuclear reactor for their propulsion, so they have no fallout from a self contained intact reactor.  Perfectly safe.  There’s even measures in place to prevent accidents from happening if the nuclear engine got damaged, or if the plane was about to crash.  Now, with the fears of terrorism, I guess there is some reason to not want these nuclear powered planes, but with no risk comes no rewards, and I truly think that we should have nuclear powered everything.

Nuclear energy is a touchy subject, people don’t like it, they are afraid of it, and they don’t understand it.  The truth of the matter is that we need to embrace nuclear energy, and all the raw potential there is in it.  While it may be a scary technology, there is much to be learned, and gained from it.  It was a technology that people thought wasn’t possible, and in a few short years the world was proven wrong.  Unfortunately because of mostly irrational fears, we’ve underdeveloped our nuclear technologies.

There are real fears associated with nuclear power, but over the years, those have no real basis in fact anymore.  Now nuclear power is safer for the environment then conventional gasoline/fossil fuels.  The reactors are much more efficient, small, portable, and cheaper to run.  They also have an operational lifespan of multiple decades with proper maintenance.  In the right settings the cooling towers of nuclear plants really add to the ascetics of the land.  I would have no issues living with towers in my back yard.

And if things go wrong, well just remember this factual quote of mine:

They say the sunsets are beautiful after a nuclear blast

I say, let’s make some beautiful sunsets

There is a scientific reason for that too, it has to do with all the debris that gets sent into the atmosphere, it reflects, and refracts the light from the sunset differently.  It’s true, and that is my number one goal in life, see the sunset after seeing a nuclear bomb go off.

When I become rich and powerful, I will have my own personal private fleet of nuclear powered things.  And then when the robots take over, if i don’t have a bunker that’s nuclear powered, then I will take my nuclear powered ships into space, and set up shop inside some asteroid.

{Dark Roasted Blend | Project Orion | Nuclear powered passenger planes | Nuclear aircraft}

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Rolling Ball Things!

There’s just something about Rube Goldberg machines, and rolling ball sculptures that is awesome.
Here are a collection of 15 awesome ones.
Below are my favorites:

That’s on the ceiling, while you probably wont get to get a good look at it, and the look you do get would be with a stiff neck, it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Holy fuck that is awesome! It’s like 3 whole walls worth of track, I could probably watch that all day and still not get bored!

I have fond memories of playing with my dad’s set of SpaceWarp, usually I never got it working, and for weeks the marbles were on the floor causing all sorts of injuries, but fun times those were.

That is a pretty awesome and detailed wood marble run contraption.

I really wish I had the patience and engineering know-how to set these things up. I have alot of patience, but you just need alot of it to do this. Oh well, I can always put it on my list of things to make one rainy afternoon. But mine would have LEDs on it, cause those make things cooler

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Flat Flexible Wires

Truly the worst part of any home theater is the mess of wires.  Now, for a bunch of things there are wireless versions, speakers, HDMI, mice keyboards, Wi-Fi, etc.  However, they are usually more expensive, and the paranoia in me will always perfer a hard line.

Anyway, there used to be two different ways you could wire up your stuff.  Build your house with everything already in the walls, or retrofit your room with it in the walls.  Which is the nice, expensive way to go.  Or, just have the wires all over the place usualy the in the perfect position to trip you at 2am.

Now there is a 3rd option, FlatWire makes, flat wires that you can glue to the wall and then paint over to match your wall.  Good idea,  but expensive, too expensive for my blood I think.


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Feed Changes

I made a few changes to the feed, it is now located at:

You’all should update your RSS readers cause there should be some better things coming with it in the coming days.

here’s a little button for you to click to make it easier:

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See you on the other side.

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Some Sense in YouTube?!

YouTube comments are like all comments on the internet, anonymous and full of crap.  There are over 1,200 comments on our Xbox 360 in The Microwave video, and it gets about a dozen new ones every week,I don’t read them all, but I do read much of them, and they are stupid.

Until Projekt666 posted this comment:

Everyone, calm the fuck down, if he wants to burn his 360 in the microwave and vid it, let him, stop bitching.

That my friend is a intelligent individual.
{YouTube comments}

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LED Chandelier

My house is gonna be filled of LED devices and computer parts, and a faraday cage underground.  It is gonna be a super awesome cool house though.

My living room will have my Interactive LED Table, now I think my Dining room will have this nice LED Chandelier:

I really like the idea of exposing the wires and ends of the LEDs, and using motorcycle spokes for the edges.  I would probably use something different, maybe a length of unshielded copper wire.  And I think I would throw a few blue LEDs in there too to make it more interesting.  I have more then enough LEDs left over from various projects, I am gonna start this project soon!

Here’s the Instructable on it.

More cool how to projects
(I enjoy the embeddable instructables, awesome idea guys!)

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The Ice Bullet Conspiracy with a Twist

This takes the whole Ice Bullet idea to new levels.  No longer will people need to make their own molds for their own traceless assassination plots. Just get this fancy ice tray for $15.

For an extra twist, put these Uranium marbles into the ice tray before you freeze it.  This way you have a double effect of the bullet tearing apart the flesh, some radiation poisoning happening too.

Now, there aren’t very manu Uranium glass makers left in the world, so if you want to get away with no trace, then putting the marbles inside would probably not work too well, but it adds a whole nother level of dedicated craziness to your assassination that can only be admired from afar (I am so easily ammused at that pun I just made).

Now, if anyone wants to get me a gift, those Uranium marbles would be good, and the AK-47 bullet ice tray would be good, but get them together, and that would be awesome…I am going to kill myself one day…