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Movie Trailers – Redone

Movie Trailers tell alot about the movie in 2 minutes.  It has to convince you to go spend $10 and (hopefully) 2 or more hours of your life watching it.  That being said, I used to regularly spend hours on end on Apple Trailers watching everything there.  Now I’ve moved on to Trailer Addict, which has a larger back catalouge, and lets me embed them.

Now, neither of those places have fan made recuts of trailers in other genera.  That’s YouTube’s domain.  Here are a 5 trailers redone totally differently:

5. The Patriot

It’s a nice undertone, but I think I like the original way The Patriot was portrayed instead.

4. Rat Race

John Cleese has some good faces.

3. National Lampoon’s Vacation

The first really “good” remix of a trailer, it seems like a horror movie, but it’s just hard to tell, knowing that I can’t take Chevy Chase seriously.

2. Little Miss Sunshine

Steve Carell’s best movie in my book, and a great movie overall, this trailer really fits. Whoever made it spent some time and made it believable.

1. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Despite the fact that it has some pretty bad music for the second half of it, Gene Wilder’s facial expressions more then make up for it. This movie I can actually see as a horror one. It just fits. This is my favorite of the bunch.

There’s 46 more to choose from, and watch over here at Vocino.

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