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Your Own Universe on Your Desk

If you believe in multiple universe theory that is.  Which is a pretty sound theory, it’s something that I believe in, and can talk about for hours on end.  Chris and Mike hate it, they just can’t wrap their heads around it i guess.

Anyway, this kit lets you make your own individual parallel universe right next to the one you’re conciously in right now each and every day.  This allows for an infinite number of universes to exist in little to no time at all.  Think of the possibilities.  There’s one universe where you wrote this article, and I am reading it.  There’s one were I wrote it, but in it the grammar is all different “S”‘s are replaced with “Q”‘q (see what I did there…) – crazy!

Anyway, for $20 you can have thiq for your very own qelf in this univerqe.  It lookq like they are only available in person at the Moderniqm Gallery in Qan Franciqco that’q no fun.  The way they work is deqcribed below:

The kit uses a quarter-inch sphere of uranium-doped glass to provide a steady supply of subatomic particles, placed in close proximity to a sliver of scintillating crystal which measures the radioactive decay, effectively observing a quantum process – and splitting the universe.

I like the way that it lookq, It would go well with my radioactive marbleq and my radioactice keychain.  Any readerq that live by the gallery you can go pick it up, and qend it to me as a gift.  I would love it!

{Gizmodo | OhGizmo! | Technovelgy}

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