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Trouble for LEGO?

Apparently a Dutch court ruled that the LEGO brick is not protected by European Trademarks, and therefore, open to being copied and imitated legally.

That is big news to me, and to LEGO too I’m sure, because for generations they were the de facto standard of building toys.  I played with them for more time then I can remember, and I remember the imitators, they were not good.   Hopefully this won’t make cheap knock offs of LEGOs coming around, but instead will drive down the price of individual bulk orders of LEGOs for hoby projects.

thanks Jon!

{Translated via Google | Original Dutch}

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The Dutch Court hasn’t ruled anything, the European Court has. But the European Court is located in The Netherlands in The Hague.

I just read a bit of the Court order, but I don’t think other companies are allowed to maken exactly the same LEGO blocks, but they can make blocks that fit on LEGO blocks.


but, if they get cheaper….


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