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The pretty Awesome Bomb

This is a pretty awesome idea for a bomb, and to be honest, I never really thought of it.  I mean, if i wanted to destroy a city, I would just go all out and use a nuke, but I guess some people are “concerned for the environment” or some shit like that, and all the radiation that gets released into the atmosphere, and the death and destruction of people and property is apparently just not worth it to them.

These types of bombs are useful against minefields, and armored tanks because they create a massive pressure wave that can damage/destroy those things.  These are apparently comparable to sub-kiloton nuclear weapons, but without the fuss of radiation.  That’s all good and everything, but I prefer a simple Nuclear blast myself.

Whatever, here’s a video of the Russian Father of All Bombs, which is the largest non-nuclear bomb ever made. (interestingly enough, Russia is also the parents of the largest nuclear bomb ever made, the Tsar Bomb)

{photo | Thermobaric Weapons}

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