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What is it with bunkers being all the rage on this site recently?  I mean I talked about how I was gonna power mine, and how I was gonna cool mine.  I didn’t discuss where I was gonna build mine, how I was gonna build it, and where I got inspiration for it from.

For security purposes, I cannot tell you where I am going to build mine, simply that it will be in the mountains somewhere.  How I plan to build it though will be pretty much the same way that this guy made his, by hand, and over long periods of time.

I will say, he has completed a dream of mine, digging out below his home/property and making his own bunker, complete with backup everything, and an air ventelation system.  Pumps for drinking/sewage, everything.  The only thing he did wrong/differently, was declaring it somewhere, so now he has to pay taxes on it.  I don’t think that was a smart idea, because now it’s public knowledge that you have a bunker, and when the world goes to hell, your place will be the first place everyone goes.  Better have some guns ready…

Now, a Swedish ISP has converted an old Nuclear bunker into it’s data center.  All of their servers are there, and their 15 main staff members have work space in the bunker.  The design of the bunker is reall something else, something from video games/sci-fi movies.

That suspended glass room with the people standing in it, that’s the conference room.  It’s floor has a map of The Moon on it.

That’s the view from inside the room, notice The Moon on the floor.  On the right there’s a view of the power equipment.  That photo just reminds me of something from GoldenEye.  The movie, and the game, The Silo level in particular, come on, anyone else see that?

Here’s a map of the entire complex.  Nice and spread out and stuff right?  Wanna know how much redundancy there is?  Enough to make me happy.

  • 3 separate individual fiber, and copper connections to the internet entering the complex at three different locations
  • 2 backup diesel generators originally meant for German Submarines
  • 1.5 MW of cooling for the servers
  • Simulated daylight to ease the 15 full time employees
  • And it can survive a hydrogen bomb explosion from close range on the surface

This is what my ideal bunker would be.  I just need a few million dollars, and a few years, and I’ll be all set to wait out the coming destruction of the human way of life as we know it.

Back to powering my bunker, well it looks like I will need $25-30 million if I want to get one of those Hyperion nuclear reactors, and I’ll have to wait till 2013.  The waiting doesn’t bother me, it’s the price, and the fact that they only last 5years.  What’s with that?  Oh well, I’ll deal with the time when it comes.

In other news, I’m taking donations for my bunker: Email, It’s not tax deductible, but it is nice!

{MAKE | Gizmodo}

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