Rolling Ball Things!


There’s just something about Rube Goldberg machines, and rolling ball sculptures that is awesome.
Here are a collection of 15 awesome ones.
Below are my favorites:

That’s on the ceiling, while you probably wont get to get a good look at it, and the look you do get would be with a stiff neck, it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Holy fuck that is awesome! It’s like 3 whole walls worth of track, I could probably watch that all day and still not get bored!

I have fond memories of playing with my dad’s set of SpaceWarp, usually I never got it working, and for weeks the marbles were on the floor causing all sorts of injuries, but fun times those were.

That is a pretty awesome and detailed wood marble run contraption.

I really wish I had the patience and engineering know-how to set these things up. I have alot of patience, but you just need alot of it to do this. Oh well, I can always put it on my list of things to make one rainy afternoon. But mine would have LEDs on it, cause those make things cooler

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