Flat Flexible Wires


Truly the worst part of any home theater is the mess of wires.  Now, for a bunch of things there are wireless versions, speakers, HDMI, mice keyboards, Wi-Fi, etc.  However, they are usually more expensive, and the paranoia in me will always perfer a hard line.

Anyway, there used to be two different ways you could wire up your stuff.  Build your house with everything already in the walls, or retrofit your room with it in the walls.  Which is the nice, expensive way to go.  Or, just have the wires all over the place usualy the in the perfect position to trip you at 2am.

Now there is a 3rd option, FlatWire makes, flat wires that you can glue to the wall and then paint over to match your wall.  Good idea,  but expensive, too expensive for my blood I think.


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