The Ice Bullet Conspiracy with a Twist


This takes the whole Ice Bullet idea to new levels.  No longer will people need to make their own molds for their own traceless assassination plots. Just get this fancy ice tray for $15.

For an extra twist, put these Uranium marbles into the ice tray before you freeze it.  This way you have a double effect of the bullet tearing apart the flesh, some radiation poisoning happening too.

Now, there aren’t very manu Uranium glass makers left in the world, so if you want to get away with no trace, then putting the marbles inside would probably not work too well, but it adds a whole nother level of dedicated craziness to your assassination that can only be admired from afar (I am so easily ammused at that pun I just made).

Now, if anyone wants to get me a gift, those Uranium marbles would be good, and the AK-47 bullet ice tray would be good, but get them together, and that would be awesome…I am going to kill myself one day…

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