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Cooling My Bunker

Heating and cooling my bunker has always been an issue.  I think I solved the heating process by using the excess heat from the nuclear reactor power source, but I have yet to solve the cooling issue.  That is, until now.  A Swedish company called SnowPower, has developed a system that collects winter snow and uses that to cool buildings in the summer.

It’s a pretty simple process that was used long ago and with the advent of technology, we seem to have forgotten how to use.  Because I plan to have my bunker located in the mountains, there will be abudent snow avaliable to me, so all I have to do is collect it, and set up some heat exchangers, shouldn’t be too hard, this is where my small engineering knowledge will come to help me.

This seems like a perfect way to cool the bunker.  I could even devise a way to use this to liquid cool my vast computer array.  Yes, this looks like a promising solution to one of the pressing problems of my bunker.


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