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Robotic Plants

Just what we need, more excuses for robotic entities in our own homes.  Maybe if people were less lazy, we would be less likely to cause our own destruction.  Not likely, humanity and lazyness usually go hand in hand.

Besides the fact that it’s a concept for a robotic planter that moves towards light, it’s a pretty nice looking planter.  I still can’t get over the fact that we want to make things robotic, it just doesn’t work for me, why?  Don’t you know that eventually that robotic planter will turn on you, hell, the plant inside it will probably help it turn, didn’t you see The Happening?  Plants teaming up with robots to create more environmentally friendly killing machines.  I’m sorry, that just makes me sick.  Also, I am trademarking that term Environmentally Friendly Killers™ ©2008.

Cats make everything cuter, don’t you think?

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