Awesome Fountains on a Bridge


That is the coolest bridge in the world.  I would drive over that at least 3 times a day.  I wish we had some cool instlations like this in America, this is how NYC’s Waterfalls should have been.

I imagine that you can’t go under that bridge when the fountains are running, which sucks, but oh man that would be a great ride.  I also imagine that if there is a toll on that bridge, the government of South Korea is making a ton of money now!

The bridge in question is the Banpo Bridge across the Han River.  The installation uses about 10,000 nozzles and pumps 190 tons of water per minute.  Damn, that’s alot.

It seems that all the cool stuff will be left to other countries because we’re too concerned about how it will effect the fish in this country, when in reality, the fish love it*.

{Gizmodo | Freshhome}

*they love it, trust me.

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