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Short of being lucky, magic, or in a police car, there is no way to guarantee you green lights all the way to work. Well that could all change in a few years if this experimental technology called Travolution by Audi goes to market.
It taps into the wireless signals give off by the traffic light control units and calculates the speed you should travel at in order to make the green light. This is an ingenious idea. Besides all the gas that can be saved by not sitting idle at a red light, it could save so much frustration. Audi claims that if 10% of cars on the road were equipped with this, there would be a noticeable decrease in traffic, I think that’s amazing.
I fully intend on buying one for my car whenever they are released.
{ITV News | photo}

3 responses to “Beat the light

  1. I’m not sure if this tech would actually help decrease traffic, because it wouldn’t allow you to go ‘over’ the speed limit, only ‘under’ it. So it wouldn’t have any traffic advantage over everyone just driving at the speed limit.

    Might save gas though.

  2. Well actually if you think about it a bit, it would help traffic along because there would be less people waiting at lights.
    going faster doesn’t exactly help the traffic move along, only in our heads do we think that. If more people actually followed speed limits more closely, then we would have less traffic jams, and slow stop and go traffic.
    By motivating people to get all green lights, i think it could help

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