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That’s the H.M.S. Hood, a British Battle Ship from the WWI-WWII era that was sunk in 1941.  In real life, it’s over 850 feet long, and weights in at over 49,000 tons fully loaded.  A worthy sailing force that you wouldn’t want to mess with.
finished 2

Well, Ed Diment decided to make a LEGO model to minifig scale, it’s massive, by LEGO standards.  It’s 20 feet long, and weighs in at about 200lbs.  A far cry from the original, but, massive for LEGOs.

It took him 7 months to finish using just under 100,000 bricks.  Lucky for him he had most of those LEGOs, otherwise according to him, it would probably cost around $15,000 to build it all new now.  The gun turrets are moterized, too!  Now, if only they fired stuff…

He says there are some museums that were interested in it, I am interested in those museums now.

Below is an assortment of photos from his Flickr account with the obglitory cat photo included.

You can read more about it here on Brothers in Brick {Gizmodo}

frame frame standing up
life boats guns
finished front of hood
more guns! cat and hood
frame with some guns

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