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Hitler’s Art

Hitler Moasic

Those of you who know me know that i have an unhealthy obsession with Hitler, as seen here, and here, and here, and here.  Well, many people don’t know or maybe they do now from this XKCD comic, but Adolf Hitler wanted to be an artist originally, before he got world domination on his mind.

That’s right, before he painted the world to look like this:

He actually painted the world looking like this:

I must say, that is a pretty nice looking painting.  I am not an art person at all, I like photographs, and in particular, my own photographs.  But given the chance to own some of these works of art, I would.  Not only would they be a great conversation starter, they would look real nice on the walls of my bunker.

Some of his paintings were postcard sized though, apparently those were popular with tourists, who knew?!

I really like this one “Cathedral in Vienna.”  Actually, if I had to choose, I would choose these 3 on the page from the group of ten here.  I like buildings, and landscapes best.  I would totally buy one of them, a real one, or a reproduction, I don’t care.  I also would accept donations.

{map of Europe}

Also, for what it’s worth, his signature is not very great, makes me wonder about the authenticity of that scene from Indiana Jones.

12 replies on “Hitler’s Art”

And do you have any justification to this claim, sir? If not, then I fear your statement was made in a hipocritical nature.

so julia…you don’t care that over 11 million died due to this horrible man’s ideas? all you care about is his ” brilliant art”…you are a sick person. why would you say something like that.

Yes we all know that he was a sick human being and killed a whole lot of fucking human beings.

The only reason that he didn’t turn into a 100% artist was because the school of Vienna rejected him, telling him that he was a mediocre. A year after that, he entered the army to serve in WWI. After being successful, he was assigned to be a spy and go to political meetings and shit. Hitler was amazed by the whole “Nazi” idea and well after being in jail and writing “My Struggle” (or as we all know it, Mein Kempf) he turned into what we know him as the world’s most evil person in History.
So yeah, here you go, educate yourself for a bit.

Actually Green, 50 million people died during the second world war, and although I know that everyside killed many, I personally blame all the deaths on Hitler who started the ball rolling.
As for his art work, I am an artist and art collector, and my own humble opinion mirror’s the man who turned him down at the art school he wanted to get in: Adolf was not bad at architectural drawing, his are very detailed, but the rest of his work is mediocre at best, his compositions are not very good technically, his colours (yes I’m Canadian, we write colour, not color…) anyway, his colours are dull, his work has no contrast and the values are all the same so that if you squint, the whole painting blends together, there is no difference from one plane to the next. There are no real subjects in his work.
Well, as I say, that is my own opinion of a monster’s work. It is sad that he was mediocre, had he been good, perhaps history would have been different…

Actually, japan got the ball rolling with the soviet skirmishes and invasion of Manchuria, people correlate hitler as being the master and creator of genocide when in reality Stalin was responsible for more murders of his own people. Also the Belgians almost destroying an entire race in the Congo…. Gf tho

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