Sea Plane of the Future?


Imagine a plane that can fly you above the clouds, and then beneath the seas.  Imagine a plane that could drop bombs on your enemies, and torpedo the deepest nuclear submarines.  Imagine the future.

DARPA is working on plans for just such a plane.  However, it will probably be some middle ground in the above examples I gave.  Civilians will never get to use it, and it probably wont go deep enough to get to the Typhoons, but it will make for a pretty awesome plane.

However, when I’m thinking of this ship, i think of the underwater sequence from Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow.

Instead, it’s probably gonna be more like this:

which is no where near as awesome.
Oh well, maybe in a few dozen years or so we will get Mustangs that can drop out of the sky and fly under water, that would be so awesome!

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