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My Bunker’s Power Source

I have long said I wanted to build a bunker to protect myself from the robots/dinosurs/aliens/nuclear winter/asteroid winter/black hole/end of the world.  My bunker is going to be awesome, and fortified, and wounderful.  For security purposes, I cannot list any of the required features it will have, except for power, it needs alot of it.  I have only recently been interested in the levels of power that I will be using, and in order to survive for any length of time over one day, I figure I’ll need at least 5MW, and probably closer to double that, which is alot.

Up until recently i was planing on using small wind turbines for my power gneration.  However there are a number of issues with those, particularly, if the surface is a warzone, tall towers in fields are easy targets.  The plus side though is that no matter what the future is, there is a strong chance for strong winds, which means constant power.

Solar was always out because of the threat of a nuclear/asteroid winter.  Hydro generation was an idea too, but not too easy to make, and I would need to be located next to a river, which isn’t cheap land.

Hyperion has solved my power issues.  With the help of Los Alamos National Labotary, they have developed a small, portable nuclear reactor capable of 25MWe for 5 years.  Now, the five year limit is kinda low considering there’s strong possibility of this needing to last lifetimes.  But I have faith, i could store this power in batteries (lots of them), or something, I dont know.

The nuclear reactor is small, and could be burried below my bunker.  Infact, it would be burried beneith my bunker.  I could even maybe use some of it for heat, i think, I’m not sure how the reactor is designed, but if I could kill 2 birds with one nuclear stone, that would be good.

The only downside to this is that now my bunker price has skyrocketed.  I was expecting to get it all done, by me personally for under $200,000.  This nuclear reactor brings in an outside source which I have no control over, and increases my fund by an unknown number because they don’t say how much it costs on their site.  Oh well, such is the price of progress.

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MrAnderson -glad you like the quote you have permission to use it as you wish. Also, glad you like the theme

Brandon -room is tight, there are certain family and loved ones who have priority. However, if you provide some minimum financial backing, then you get a spot*

*unless for some reason you die before the end of the world, but i wouldn’t have anything to do with that…

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