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Stop This Research NOW!

Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo.

At first that seems like an awesome video of a new type of Museum exhibit, but upon further thought on it, you would realize that it is the last mistake of man.  To little kids, and the ignorant that is a fun, interesting thing, to the knowledgeable we see what that really is.

By combining robotic technology with life-like dinosaurs, we are a mere one step away from our own destruction.  When the robots become self-aware, what’s to stop them from using their dion-skin to devour us, after all, it is in the nature of a dinosaur to eat humans, and that’s why all time travel to the Jurassic period has been banned*.

If we as a species are to survive much longer, we must realize the faults we are creating ourselves, and end this madness.  We must kill this research with an asteroid sized hammer, and we must do it soon.  Join me in my global battle against the robots and together we will prevail.

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*in accordance to TMT Law 003.7; Disallowed locales and times.

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