Cooling My Bunker


Heating and cooling my bunker has always been an issue.  I think I solved the heating process by using the excess heat from the nuclear reactor power source, but I have yet to solve the cooling issue.  That is, until now.  A Swedish company called SnowPower, has developed a system that collects winter snow and … Continued

Ingenious Get out of Ticket Idea


Who’s driving that car?  Its a Muppet!  That must be a talented driver you say! No, just someone with a British car.  You know, the kind where the steering wheel is on the other side of the car.  Kinda ingenious don’t you think? I think so.  Apparently in Germany, in order to get a ticket … Continued

Robotic Plants


Just what we need, more excuses for robotic entities in our own homes.  Maybe if people were less lazy, we would be less likely to cause our own destruction.  Not likely, humanity and lazyness usually go hand in hand. Besides the fact that it’s a concept for a robotic planter that moves towards light, it’s … Continued

DIY Death Ray


Every one wants a good Death Ray.  Hell, you can’t even think about taking over the world without one.  Lucky for you there are dozens of them hanging around in places you’d never think to look for them…your living room: That is a fernelse lense from an old big screen television.  Lots of people have … Continued

Best Stumbles VI


Best Stumbles VI is here, and better then ever!  While probably not as long as some of the past Best Stumbles, it still has some nice interesting pictures to take a gander at.  So do just that after the click cause I don’t want them making the front page load all slow like…

Meat Loaf’s The Monster’s Loose


I love Meat Loaf, he has awesome songs of epic lengths, and despite what other people say, is a very talented singer. Camp Chaos put together a pretty sweet video of Meat Loaf’s 7 minute The Monster’s Loose from Bat Out of Hell III. I was fortunate to see Meat Loaf in concert 2 years … Continued

Awesome Fountains on a Bridge


That is the coolest bridge in the world.  I would drive over that at least 3 times a day.  I wish we had some cool instlations like this in America, this is how NYC’s Waterfalls should have been. I imagine that you can’t go under that bridge when the fountains are running, which sucks, but … Continued

Beat the light


Short of being lucky, magic, or in a police car, there is no way to guarantee you green lights all the way to work. Well that could all change in a few years if this experimental technology called Travolution by Audi goes to market. It taps into the wireless signals give off by the traffic … Continued

An RC C-17 is massive


Anyone who’s seen a C-17, or a C-130, or any of the massive cargo planes thinks to themselves, “How does that stay up?” Well, looking at this model C-17 that is RC you have the same thoughts, at least I do anyway. It’s pretty cool, lets see a U-2, that’s what I want. {Gizmodo}

H.M.S. Hood – LEGO


That’s the H.M.S. Hood, a British Battle Ship from the WWI-WWII era that was sunk in 1941.  In real life, it’s over 850 feet long, and weights in at over 49,000 tons fully loaded.  A worthy sailing force that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Well, Ed Diment decided to make a LEGO model to … Continued