Halo ABCs


In case you can’t read that, it says “DEAD” And that one says “HAHA” And that is the letter “T” And in case you are wondering where these letters are coming from, its from the Halo Corpse Alphabet.  A collection of screen shots of corpses from Halo 3.  Some people have lots of free time … Continued

LEGOs in Cake form


Ok, this is the awesomest wedding cake of all time.  I hope the woman I find is open to having this cake, cause then I will love her 1000times more. Now, whoever made these is a good designer.  The only thing I wish he added was maybe a few more different bodies, heads, and legs, … Continued

Rock Stacking


The art of rock stacking is something that is very hard to do. It takes time, paitence, and a steady hand. I have all three, I just don’t have rocks. Coolic has some nice photos of some dedicated rock stackers.

LHC is on! Oh no!


Today is D-Day, Judgment day, the beginning of the end of the world if you want.  The Large Hadron Collider is switched on.  Should be we afraid.  No.  Unless of course it opens a portal to one of those other dimensions.  But it wont, so don’t worry. To celebrate this day, two of my favorite … Continued

Awsesome Vertical Ice


Well, not vertical, but, still pretty awesome.  You can make ice, and then store it in the maker, and take the ice out and put bottles of drinks in it to keep cool.  Very ingenious if i do say so myself.  There’s a neat video of it doing what it does over at Fusion Brands.  … Continued

Tree Houses


Tree houses are no where near as safe as bunkers are, but they are just as cool. They are easily defendable, if you have an iron tree. Here are some more awesome concepts of some Tree Houses.

The Best cell phone game ever?


Yes my friend, Chuck Norris is staring in his very own Cell Phone video game.  Will it be kick ass awesome, yes, yes it will.  Will it feature round house kicking deaths, yes, yes it will.  Will there be commies, yes, yes there will.  Will there by anything unawesome about this game, no, no there … Continued

Death to a Landmark


Well, a British Landmark, well, I consider them a landmark, giant cooling towers, called The Tinsley Towers.  Apparently they were too close to the roadway, and too old, so they were taken down.  such a shame, they look so beautiful. Here’s a video of the demolition: {image via Google Sightseeing}

Will this make it through the mail?


The Plug has a nice experiment of sending various items through the mail, and seeing which make it, and which do not.  Interesting waste of 40 cents for science. The dollar was in a envelope for privacy reasons. Duct tape made it. The spoon at the top did not though.