DIY 100″ TV


BonMul had a problem, his 50″ Rear Projection TV was just not big enough for him anymore.  Sure he could have shelled out a few thousand bucks for a newer, 72″ tv or bigger.  But he’s a crafty fellow, he said, I have a perfectly good RPTV housing here, why not try and get the picture to be bigger?  And bigger he made it.

He took appart his tv, and searched around and made his own screen and housed it in front of the TV and bam! he doubled the size of his screen!

I love the black edges, and red curtins around the sides.  Very classy.

Now, personally, I would have just shelled out $1,200 or so for a new projector which would probably be brighter, and offer a larger screen if i wanted.  But I’ve been spoiled on projectors for 3 years or so, so I also wouldn’t have had an old RPTV to take appart and use.

Regardless, good job.  You can read about the steps here.


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