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Best Stumbles 5

Best Stumbles 5 marks the return of Hitler!  To most people that is probably not a good thing, but to people who know my wicked sense of humor, that means much inappropriate humor is to follow.  Also, it’s election time, and that means, it’s time to vote.  Be sure you vote for evil.  If you don’t then evil will just take over anyway.  Might as well have your say in the evil takeover!

As always, (well, always from now on anyway), full list of awesome stumbles after the click:

Well, I was planing on putting in Chuck Norris myself…{source}

cobra in 08

But Cobra Commander, he could probably change things.  Now, if only Vader, and Cobra teamed together, they would be an unstoppable force. {source}

Looks like a cross between redneck and sieze the moment to me {source}

This is true, to a point, i don’t know, I like it {source}

server cooling
You know, things like that don’t supprise me much. {source}

Now we just need someone to dress up as Batman, and then do battle. {source}

hitler card
I don’t know what history this person is living in, but, its an interesting one {source}

This is so wrong, it’s great, it really is. {source}

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