DIY 100″ TV


BonMul had a problem, his 50″ Rear Projection TV was just not big enough for him anymore.  Sure he could have shelled out a few thousand bucks for a newer, 72″ tv or bigger.  But he’s a crafty fellow, he said, I have a perfectly good RPTV housing here, why not try and get the … Continued

Best Stumbles 5


Best Stumbles 5 marks the return of Hitler!  To most people that is probably not a good thing, but to people who know my wicked sense of humor, that means much inappropriate humor is to follow.  Also, it’s election time, and that means, it’s time to vote.  Be sure you vote for evil.  If you … Continued

Snowflake Maker


I love interactive things like this.  Just alittle click of the mouse, and I have a beautiful work of art.  This time it’s some snowflakes. As you can see I spent some time and had fun with it.  It took me 3 tries before I got a “typical” snowflake, at least in my mind.  The … Continued

Lovely Woodwork


From the same people who made the Marble Table, come the lovely woodwork joints above.  Ontwerpdup makes them, among some other cool ideas.  Although, my two favorites are the able, and those joints  And is it me, or does that little peice of dark wood in the middle look like a Tetris peice?

End of an Aviation Icon


The F-117 Night Hawk, the first true stealth aircraft was retired in April of this year.  Now it looks like the first one has met its end with a garpple-equipped Caterpillar: It looks like the operator had some fun.  How Ironic would it be if it was a Russian behind the wheel of that? I … Continued

Tetris in your Shower


More proof that Tetris is the game that is everywhere.  Interactivity is no longer involved.  Well, at least multiple times interactivity anyway.  Since you get to play with these Tetris themed tiles a few times while you set them up to go on your wall.  Once they’re in though, no more. I think they are … Continued

My next table


Spark Fun has an awesome table that I may want. Well, maybe not, its way too in depth and expensive for me. I like my simple Interactive LED coffee table better. Now, if we could get Tetris onto the above table, then I may be forced to make/buy it… {Hacked Gadgets}

Stiky Note Awesomeness


EepyBird, the guys behind the Diet Coke & Mentos phenomenon, brings a new type of funness: Sticky Note waterfall things! They used the Post-It Notes that are like accordions and made a bunch of awesomely choreographed videos.  Most of it reminds me of Slinkys going down stairs and the like.  It’s still awesome.  If there’s … Continued

Open request to College Professors


Stop. Please, just stop. That’s the simplest thing i can say to you.  Stop doing things the way you currently are, it’s not working, its annoying, and, most importantly, I don’t like it. I just started my 5th year, and last semester of college here at the lovely University of Hartford, and I must say, … Continued

How the LHC works


See more funny videos and Technology Videos at Today’s Big Thing. Here’s a nice video describing in simple detail how the LHC is going to destroy us all in a few weeks after it’s had enough time to throw a bunch of particles around in giant circles for awhile. I think it’s pretty awesome how … Continued