Firefighting Foam!


This is a Test, This is Just a Test. No need to get all worried about anything, after all, this is just a test. Now aren’t you glad you tested that.  Something horrible could happen now, and you will be alright knowing that your B-1 Lancer’s won’t get burned too much if a fire breaks … Continued

Back (no more downtime)


And I am back from Gotham City, i didn’t get abducted on the way, no new alien faces showed themselves on the plane, and I had a kick ass time. I should get back to regular posting tomorrow after i spend the next 12 hours reading then 800 new items in my Google Reader.

Chicago Downtime


I’m going to Chicago tomorrow morning, I wont be back till Monday, when I will read (skip) all 1000+ items in my Google Reader, and then post some stuff. I had two things I wanted to post today, but I got busy cleaning up, and packing and stuff like that, sorry. Maybe if i get … Continued

The End of The Internet


I recently added the little “Next” bookmark from Google Reader to go directly to my unread posts. It’s good cause sometimes in my Google Reader, i gloss over some posts that otherwise would interest me because I’m too lazy to read more about it. Just tonight I got that above link after finishing all my … Continued

The LEGO computer (case)


Even before I got truly into computers, I wanted to make a LEGO computer case.  Eventually, price moved me away from actually making one, as it would have cost well more then the cheapest case went to make one, and being the poor student I am, I decided maybe next time. This kid Luke on … Continued

Optimus Prime vs. Megatron CGI


No, not the one from the movie from last year.  The battle bewteen the two from the classic cartoon.  It’s nicely done, but I like the cartoon version better, it’s more nostalgic, and reminds me of easier, better times. {Geeks are Sexy}

Lightning in slow motion


Holy crap, I need a slow motion camera NOW.  That is one of the most awesomest things I have seen, ever. {Gizmodo}

The world, from slightly high up


I like pictures of the planet, especially from high up, it makes it look cooler.  So its no wonder I love these photos: I really want to go visit that one day. Despite what many think, that’s just plain old steam escaping those cooling towers, and it’s pretty awesome looking above the clouds like that. … Continued



AnomynousPierson, you are are 1,000th commenter.  For that you win the lovely prize of…….this awesome picture of another milestone, my old car hitting 130,000 miles!  What awesome fun you can do with that picture I have no idea. In all reality though, take a look at these: That spike was when The Creepiest Tree Ever, … Continued

What I see in this picture


Well, I was gonna just edit the blog post yesterday, but I thought it would get to 7 comments faster then overnight, so instead I’m making a new post, so show what I see.  The answer, a creepy Alien face. ida It looks like a cow’s head to me. I have no idea how you … Continued