Homemade ~40U rack


Well, remember the ~20U server rack we made 2 years ago?  It’s still one of our most popular stories, and one of the most searched for terms that lands people here.  Well, Jeremy decided to take our plans to heart and build his own 40U version of it.  He painted in black, and made it nicer then ours.  (In our defense, we’ve improved it a bit since 2 years ago).

Jeremy has many photos of the build at his Picasa Web Albums space.  And a walk through of how he did it, the cost, and all that sort of stuff over here at dual boxing.

As you can see, his server rack is much taller then ours, but, he used that same methods to build it as we did:

He also had some help from his pets, and, it looks like he did not follow our instructions to the letter, because he forgot step 5c, play Geometry Wars, but that’s ok, we’ll forgive him for that. 

And here is the final rack, full of 6 nice computers.  He says that there is one good one in that rack that is his main computer, and the other 5 are support.  Support for what?  Well, playing multiple characters in online games.  That is intense. Testing code out is something he also does with those computers.

No matter what he uses them for, they are much nicer now then they probably were a few months ago, and that’s all that matters in the end.  Good job Jeremy, good job.

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  1. The link to dual-boxing is pretty exhaustive in discussing how long it took; but it didn’t really take too long. about 4 days of actual effort; with a week in between waiting for more parts to come. Would have been quicker; but I didnt plan too well so had to go back and forth to the hardware store.

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