New theme yay!


In case you haven’t noticed, or you only read this blog via RSS, we got a new theme today!

I was getting kinda tired of the old one, and pissed off at the way it formatted large blocks of text, so i got a new one in order to prepare you for a few long text posts coming up.  yay!

Also, sorry for the no new post at all today, i spent most of the day trying to get the new theme working to my liking, which, really only took 15 mins once i figured out why nothing was working right.

Oh well.

4 responses to “New theme yay!

  1. For the past month or so there was a link to the new WordPress Theme directory, and I spent most of the day going through what seemed like all of them. Then I picked the 3 or 4 i really liked, and downloaded them, then tried them all.
    If you were lucky during the day, you might have caught the blog in one of 5 different themes.

    About a year ago or so I wanted to make my own theme, but, the results were horrible, i don’t know if anyone remembers it, and I have since not had enough time to make my own again. Oh well.

    Also, I know there is a little bug on the submit comment button, I’m working on it.

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