Future Email Battle


There are lots of sites that will send emails for you at a future date, from those that send an email in case you die, to those that just send an email whenever you say.

I’m comparing HitMeLater.com and EmailFuture.com.

Right off the bad, EmailFuture has way more options of when to send an email, down to the quarter hour of a day, which is pretty damn accurate, and usefull to some degree, like if you plan on being sick 3 weeks in advance.

HitMeLater on the other hand has a simpler interface, just foward an email to 24@hitmelater.com and it will get sent back to you, 24 hours later.  They say you can change the numbers to anything you want, it represents hours, you can even do Tomorrow, or Tuesday.  I assume months work as well, but i have to wait to try it.  I will get back to you in september with results.  Also interesting to try, never@hitmelater.com, that should be self explanatory i guess.

I like HitMeLater because all i have to do is send an email to them, and they will foward it back to me, I don’t have to register like EmailFuture makes you.  HitMeLater also makes it simple, i can shoose how many hours later I want the email sent just by saying “3 hours” I dont need to think.  EmailFuture though has more options, and that helps it get points.

The true winner is you, because both of these are free, and both of them allow you to be sick for work in advance, and that’s the moral of this story.

Also, don’t stare at the sun you could go blind.

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